Academic Appeals

If you have just had the formal results from the Board of Examiners or the Research Degree Committee and you feel that there has been an irregularity in the process, you may be able to submit an Academic Appeal.

You have 10 Working days to submit your Academic Appeal. The grounds for submitting an Academic Appeal are:

  • A material administrative error: For example: any mistake the university does, such as filling the wrong mark on your transcript, not transferring a deferral which had previously been agreed, or uploading the wrong task on the blackboard).
  • The assessment has not been conducted in accordance with university regulations: For example an event came up during your assessment which disrupted the good conduct of the assessment. The best example of this is if a fire alarm went off during your examination and you were given less time to finish your exam as a result. This would also include if you have received incorrect advice or no advice on the assessment.
  • A material irregularity: For example: you have been given the wrong paper, the incorrect assessment type, or your assessment was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria. In a panel, this means that the academic regulations regarding the good conduct of academic misconduct panels has not been followed.

If you believe that you have grounds for an appeal, take a look at our Guide to Academic Appeals for further information. We also have a Guide to Completing the Academic Appeal form.

You can find the Academic Appeal form and the University guidance notes here (under 'Academic Appeal and Academic Misconduct Form' and 'Academic Appeals and Academic Misconduct Appeals Guidance Notes)