Student Complaints

Are you unhappy with your course, but your concerns have remained unresolved? Or do you want to raise an issue about another student or staff member?

If you have already tried to resolve the problem but with no success, the next step may be to submit a formal complaint. See below for more information about the Complaints Procedure. This what grounds you can submit a formal complaint on and what you should include to increase your chances of your complaint achieving the outcome that you want.

There are three stages to the LJMU student complaints procedure.

Stage one: 

Seeking a local resolution. This is where you raise the issues you are having with the Module Leader or Programme Leader. You may find that the issue can be resolved quickly. This must be undertaken within 30 calendar days of the issue occurring.

Stage two:

An escalated complaint submitted to the university’s Student Governance department. This stage can be used if you have not had a satisfactory resolution at stage one, or where you do not feel able to take the issues to your school, or where the complaint is about a member of LJMU Staff. This must be undertaken within 3 months of the issue occurring. 

Stage three:

Once you have received an outcome from your stage two complaint, you have the right the appeal should you find the conclusion unsatisfactory. This could be where you do not feel that the complaint has been fully addressed, the process has not been followed correctly, or where you believe the outcome is unreasonable. This takes the form of a statement stating why you wish to escalate the complaint to a stage three complaint.

For more information on how to submit a complaint, or guidance on completing the form, please contact us.