Personal Circumstances

What does Personal Circumstance mean?

  • This is when serious and exceptional issues happen that are outside of your control, that have impacted your ability to undertake and complete your academic work.
  • Serious and exceptional issues can range from Health-related issues – both physical and mental health, bereavement and during this time under the Covid-19 Pandemic can also include IT issues (equipment and access to internet), changes to caring responsibilities or domestic responsibilities impacted by Covid-19, having too self-isolate.

When can a Personal Circumstance application be submitted?

  • Request an Extension. If you know that you are not going to meet the deadline due to your current circumstances, but with some extra time you could complete the work. If he request is accepted, you will be given a new due date.
  • Defer your work though a Non-Attempt submission. If you have not been able meet the deadline or were unable to attend an exam. If accepted, you would be given a fresh opportunity to complete the work (this would be during the deferral/referral period in July)
  • Special Mitigation. If you have started a time limited assessment such as an exam and have an exceptional issue that means that you are unable to complete the assessment, Special Mitigation is the route to take. If accepted it one of the following would be granted – a deferral, or your mark would be given based on the work submitted (if there is enough there).

Submitting a Personal Circumstances application.

  • Will I need evidence?
    • It is always important to have evidence to support your circumstances, though under the current Managing Assessments during Coronavirus, verification of evidence will not be required. If you are having difficulties ensure that you are in contact with your personal tutor and/or module leader.
  • What do I need to include on the Personal Circumstances form?
    • Your personal details – some of these will be automatically completed on the form, you would need to complete any that aren’t
    • Details of the circumstances and how they are affecting your studies and assessments. You will also need to include what module/assessments are affected and dates that assessments are/were due.
    • If you do have evidence of your circumstances then include it 
  • Where is the form?
    • On MyLJMU under My Services then on the left will be a menu which will include Personal Circumstances form.
  • When do I have to submit the Personal Circumstance form by?
    • If you are requesting an Extension you will need to submit this at least 48 hours before the submission deadline. If you are requesting during this 48 hour period you will need to state why you were not in a position to submit the request earlier.
    • If you submitting Personal Circumstances for either Non-submission or Special Mitigation, it is best to submit as soon as you can after the missed or affected assessment. The application should be made no later than 5 working days after the affected assessment was due. Late applications may be accepted if your circumstances prevented you submitting within time.


It is important to contact your module leader as soon as you can to let them know you are having difficulties.


Webpage with update to the support arrangements for 2020-21: This has the information for covid related Personal Circumstance applications.