Benefits of Becoming a Student Rep

Transferable Skills:

There are countless skills to develop as a Student Rep. Negotiation, diplomacy, problem solving and communication skills are just a few of them. These are all skills that can benefit you in your studies, personal life and in your future career.



Being a Student Rep can prove to be very impressive on your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Prospective employers want to see more these days than just a qualification. If you can show you’ve done something outside the parameters of your course then this will prove you can juggle different responsibilities. As well as academic ability employers need graduates who are equipped with a range of core work skills like the ones you will gain as a Student Rep. 


To recognise your dedication and commitment to the role, JMSU are also part of the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) scheme. This report is a record of your achievements throughout university that includes academic work, extra-curricular activities and voluntary work. Student Reps falls under voluntary work, so when you finish university this experience will be added to your report.  For further information please visit the HEAR website.


Make a Difference:

Being a Student Rep allows you to get actively involved in the decisions made about your student experience. It’s a great way of increasing the quality and standards within the University and can benefit you, your peers and future students.



Through your role as a Student Rep, you’ll get the chance to network with a whole host of LJMU staff, who you would never come into contact with as a student. This is a great opportunity to learn from them, know more about how LJMU works across the University and really feel like you’re a wider part of the LJMU learning community.


Access to Full Training and Fun, Interactive Development Days:

The Students’ Union offers full training to all Student Reps to ensure that you are fully equipped to be able to carry out the role effectively. Additionally, throughout the year there will be fun, interactive development days for you to be able to reflect and build upon your skills.


Students’ Union Incentives:

There are a whole host of incentives that make being a Student Rep a fantastic experience. We run a number of social events throughout the year, that are exclusive to our Student Reps.