Faculty Reps

The Faculty Reps will be elected via students of the faculty.


The nomination period will run from Monday 18th November 9am until Wednesday 27th until 5pm. With voting opening Monday 2nd December at 9am and closing Tuesday 3rd December 9pm


You will need to write why you would like to be a Faculty Rep in 100 words or less, this will be what the students in your Faculty will see about you when they make their decision on who to vote for.



Faculty representatives will represent students at a faculty level. The role will involve:

  • Communicating and gathering feedback from faculty course reps, via the Facebook faculty course rep site, email etc
  • Faculty representatives will attend one Faculty Education Committee meetings per semester
  • Faculty representatives will attend one Education Action group per semester
  • Faculty representatives will support / facilitate coffee cake and change things once per semester
  • Faculty representatives will attend one Annual General Meeting per term (year)
  • Faculty representatives will be an admin in the faculty rep Facebook

How many Faculty Representatives?

There will be 3 per Faculty Representatives per faculty:

  • 1 Undergraduate
  • 1 Postgrad Taught
  • 1 Postgrad Research


Heres how to nominate yourself to stand in the Faculty Rep election

If you have any questions you can email: elections@ljmu.ac.uk  

Faculty Rep Election Candidate Pack

Standing Opens: Monday 18th at 9am

Standing Closes: Wednesday 27th at 5pm