Student Officers

What is a Student Officer?

We're led by a team of Student Officers who are voted in by students each spring. Your Officers have all recently been LJMU students and their role is to lead campaigns that are relevant to you, direct all of our work and represent your views to the University, across Liverpool and nationally. Each Officer looks after a different aspect of student life, so it's all covered. Find out more about the different roles here. 


Why should I become a Student Officer?

- You get to earn £18.5k in a full-time, graduate level job 
- You get to work with & for LJMU students full-time for a year
- There's no application form/interview - you just tell us what you would do in the role 

These jobs are open to all LJMU students & can be done as a graduate job or as a year out of your studies.


How do I become a Student Officer? 

Student Officers get voted in by students - so to become a Student Officer, you'll need to campaign to secure student votes!

You will be able to submit your nomination from December (date tbc) for your chosen position, and then you're in the running. Voting takes place in March. For more information on how to become a Student Officer, email 

You can also register your interest to be kept up to date with key dates and information.