First Term Elections


You can now put yourself forwards to be a Part-Time Officer and NUS Delegate for your Students' Union! You will have until Thursday 10 October to submit your nomination. 

These roles will allow you to create real change for students, get amazing experience for your CV, meet and network with other students like you and so much more. 

Find out more below about the positions and which one best suits you.


Find out more on the role come to our Candidates workshop for both Part Time Officers and NUS Delegates: Click Here


Part-Time Officer Elections

These positions exist to champion, celebrate and create change for minority groups at LJMU! 

The seven positions are: 

Women's Officer
BAME Students Officer
Trans and Non-Binary Students Officer
Postgrad Students Officer
International Students Officer
Disabled Students Officer
LGBTQA+ Students Officer

To stand for any of these roles you must self-identify as belonging to that group. 

Previous students have done amazing things for their minority groups including lobbying LJMU to update trans' students names from their birth names to their chosen names, leading on equality and diversity campaigns across campus, organising events for Black History Month and working to diversify the curriculum at LJMU. 

Interested? Here's how to put yourself forwards for the role.


NUS Delegate Elections 

This is your opportunity to represent LJMU on a national scale as an NUS Delegate! 

Err.. what's that? 

The NUS is the National Union of Students. It's made up of 650 Students' Unions and approximately 7 million students. 

Being a Delegate is essentially like being an MP for your University! You put yourself forwards for the position, get voted in by students, and represent the LJMU student body at the National Conference.


The NUS Conference will be held at the ACC in Liverpool, from 30 March - 2 April 2020. Here you will: 

- Vote on key student issues 

- Decide on the NUS leadership (including voting for the President of the NUS)

- Meet and network with 1000s of other students from across the UK - this is the biggest democratic student event in the world! 


Interested? Find out how to put yourself forwards here.

Here's more info from the NUS about the role: 


Candidates Guide for Part Time Officers and NUS Delegates can be downloaded here