Rewards and Recognition

We want you to feel recognised and rewarded for the incredible work you do, and we believe that doing so successfully will ensure you feel appreciated, supported and more likely to be effective in your role.

At present, there are three main ways that we do this:

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

To recognise your dedication and commitment to the role, we are also part of the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) scheme. This report is a record of your achievements throughout university that includes academic work, extra-curricular activities and voluntary work. Student Reps falls under voluntary work, so when you finish university this experience will be added to your report.  For further information please visit the HEAR website.

You're Amazing!

On the last Wednesday of every month, we will recognise one Course Rep per faculty for the work they have done, as provided by the ‘tracking your activity’ function. Each winner will receive a shopping voucher, or cinema tickets as thanks for their work, and be celebrated via social media.

You're Amazing Awards Night

Every year JMSU hosts an annual awards, known as 'You're Amazing', where you can get dressed up, network with senior LJMU staff and meet other Student Reps, whilst being recognised for the work you have carried out throughout the year.