Course Reps

Most courses will have at least one Course Rep who acts as the first line of student representation within the University. These reps are elected by their course mates, normally within the first few weeks of their first semester.

Once in position, they work with the Students’ Union and the University to help improve the student academic experience, based on your feedback. This feedback can be anything to do with your experience on your course, including your teaching and learning experience, the availability of resources such as the library right through to the pastoral support you receive from your personal tutors. They then take this feedback to the appropriate departments and meetings in the university to help improve the student experience.

If you want to be a Course Rep, or you're concerned that your course does not have one, then please get in contact with your lecturer and JMSU, who will work together to resolve this as soon as possible.

If you are a Course Rep, you should register with us through our online registration - which is now open. In the meantime, if you are a Course Rep and have any questions, please get in contact.