Since April 2019, menstrual products have been available for free in everyone one of the 221 female and gender-neutral and accessible toilets across the LJMU campuses. #LJMUFreePeriod campaign was the first comprehensive, unlimited scheme at a university in England. The campaign was launched after a research project led by Angelina at JMSU which found that students were either not coming into university of leaving early to lack of access to products during their period. After discussions with LJMU’s leadership team it was agreed to fund the campus-wide trial. The trial was a massive success with menstrual products still being available in toilets across campuses today!


For more info check out: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/about-us/news/articles/2019/4/30/ljmu-leads-the-way-with-first-campus-wide-free-period-products-in-england


#LJMUFreePeriods was launched 2018/19 by Angelina Cliff in her role as President.