Student Networks


This academic year 2020/21 JMSU is very excited to announce the creation of Student Networks to further develop the experience of the student communities at LJMU!  To register your interest in joining one or more Student Networks here. Each network has a connected Facebook community, we encourage you to join them via the individual network pages. 


The Student Networks will be there to help you connect to other students, develop your communities and empower you to act collectively to make positive change at LJMU. The Networks will be chaired by the associated Part-Time Officer with the support of the Student Officer Team.


Our Networks will be intersectional, and this means they will recognise the overlaps (or intersections) between different identities and the knock-on effects. It is possible to self-define into one or multiple of the Networks. All the Student Networks will collectively work to support positive change in the communities at LJMU so that all voices are heard and represented. Collectively they will develop the on-going work on and around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at JMSU and LJMU.


The main three functions of Student Networks:

  1. To host events and activities that are a way to meet like-minded people in a safe and accessible way.
  2. To run campaigns with the interests of the constituents of the Network in mind that defend and extend the rights of the community of students it represents.
  3. To signpost the various welfare and outreach programmes available at JMSU, LJMU and wider Liverpool area.


To register your interest in joining one or more Student Networks here.

Have questions? Contact the Student Voice and Campaign Team at: