What are the Student Officer Elections?

In a nutshell it's every students chance to make their voice heard whilst their studying at LJMU by electing the four Student Officers who will lead the Students’ Union and represent students both at LJMU, in Liverpool and on a national level. Officers are elected through cross campus elections in March (key dates detailed below), any student can run and every student has the right to vote.

What can staff do to encourage students to both run and vote in the elections?

We’d really appreciate if you could help us in one, or three of the following ways, to make sure Elections 2020 are the best yet:

  • During the nomination period (20th January - 24th Febuary 2020) play this short video at the start of your lecture, outlining 5 reasons to nominate for the roles
  • During the voting period (10th  - 12th March) have this PowerPoint slide up as students are arriving at your lectures and settling in to encourage students to vote
  • Throughout nominations and voting, give us 5 minutes at the start of your lecture to talk to your students about standing and voting in our elections You can book us in now by emailing elections@ljmu.ac.uk.

What is a Student Officer?

JMSU is led by a team of four Student Officers. Each officer looks after a different area of work, but they all work towards the common goal of making student life at LJMU the best it can be. These are full-time, graduate roles that last for one year, with a salary of £18,595.

What positions are available?


Vice-President (Academic Quality)

Vice-President (Community Engagement)

Vice-President (Activities)

When are the elections taking place?

The key dates are listed below:

  • Nominations open on 20th January at 9am until the 24th Febuary at 5pm. Any nominations received after this point will not be accepted.
  • Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 10th March until 9pm on Thursday 12th March and this will be the key campaigning period for candidates.

How do students nominate themselves?

The only way they can nominate themselves is via our website www.jmsu.co.uk. There is a step by step guide on how to do this here.

Who can run in the election?

Every single LJMU student is eligible to run for a Student Officer position. We generally get final years running, as it is such an excellent graduate opportunity; however if they are not a final year student they can take a sabbatical year and return to their studies once their term of office is over.

Does this guidance apply to Postgraduate Students who teach?

If you are a Postgraduate Student who teaches, you must follow the guidance set out in these FAQs, through your role as a member of staff. You must not use your position as a staff member to support or campaign for any students running in the election.

Can I encourage students to nominate themselves?

Absolutely. The encouragement of someone else saying you’d make a great candidate can be the confidence boost someone needs to stand.

Can I help them campaign?

No. LJMU or Students’ Union staff are not allowed to take part in any campaigning activity including help with writing manifestos. Any student staff may do this, but this has to be in their own time and not whilst they are on paid duties or through opportunities that are only available to them because of their role.

How do students vote in the elections?

We use the alternative voting method and this is done online through our website with an electronic ballot. All students who have opted in to receive communications from us will be sent a fast track voting link to their LJMU email inbox. If you are aware of any student who wants to vote, but has not opted in or is having any difficulties voting please advise them to email us on elections@ljmu.ac.uk.

There will also be voting stations with laptops around each campus throughout voting week, and in a few larger halls on a couple of evenings. Voting stations will be supervised by election officials (Students’ Union staff).

Can I vote?

Only registered students are eligible to vote – this means that Postgraduate Students who teach are allowed to vote, but staff who have no capacity as a student are not allowed.

Can I encourage students to vote?

Absolutely. But you must only encourage them to vote in general. No LJMU or Students’ Union staff are allowed to encourage students to vote for particular candidates. If this happens it may cause the relevant candidate(s) to be disqualified.

Can I support certain candidates?

No. LJMU and JMSU must remain impartial. Whilst we would love you to promote the elections as much as possible to students you must ensure that you promote all the candidates in equal measure or give them all the same opportunity. I.e. if you allow a candidate to do a lecture shout out you must allow other candidates to do the same if they wish

What support are JMSU offering candidates?

JMSU will offer training to all candidates and expenses will be provided to students running in the election to help cover lunches during voting week and a contribution towards campaigning costs. The exact amount will be confirmed once the number of students running has been confirmed.

There will be a trained advisor available throughout voting week from 9-10am for students running in the election to speak to if they need to. Additionally JMSU staff will be available from 10am-4pm during key points of the elections process for students to drop in and ask any questions they may have, details below:

  • Nomination drop ins – TBC
  • Manifesto drop ins – TBC
  • Voting drop ins – TBC

An appointment with the advisor and the drop in sessions can either be face to face at the JMSU Offices in the John Foster building, or via telephone on 0151 231 4900. In both instances, students can drop in or book ahead.

When do successful candidates take up their posts??

Wednesday 1st July 2020, with induction training and support throughout the summer.

Where can students campaign?

Anywhere on campus with the exception of library spaces beyond the entrance barriers. Candidates are advised by JMSU of LJMU’s no poster policy before voting week commences and directed to designated poster boards that are agreed. If you have any issues with students putting posters up in undesignated areas please contact the union on elections@ljmu.ac.uk

How will the results be released?

Winners will be announced to students at the results night on Friday 13th March. The full results will be released on our website and via our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to come to the results night, please get in contact, we’d love to have you there!

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the elections?

If you have any further questions, please contact Caroline Gago Bates, Director of Student Engagement on elections@ljmu.ac.uk.