Key dates


The election takes place in stages, starting in January and ending in March. The elected officers will then start in July. We will provide exact dates closer to the time, but this is an idea of the timeline.


1. Register your interest - all year round email 

You can register your interest in any of the roles at any point throughout the year. 

This just means that you will receive any information about what's coming up via email, and you can arrange a meeting with us to chat through it all if you like. 


2. Nominate yourself - January - February 

You will be able to submit your nomination in from 20th January until 24 February on our website. 

You will need to give your name and your manifesto.


3. Nominations close - training and briefings. February - March 

Once nominations close, we will invite you to briefing and training sessions to make sure you're prepared for voting week. 


4. Voting - March

Voting will take place in March. Candidates will spend the week campaigning for students' votes.

Voting is done online - every LJMU student will receive a voting link to their LJMU inbox. 


5. The results! March 

At the end of voting in March we will celebrate the end of voting week and announce the winners, alongside the University of Liverpool and University of Hope winners. We encourage you to invite friends and family along to celebrate your hard work. 

6. New Student Officers begin roles - June/July