Digital Rep FAQ

I can see comments from students not on my course. Why is that?


Digital Rep is a local feedback tool that corresponds to a specific course. All the comments you see are from students that are enrolled in that course, regardless of their Level. As such, you may see comments from students on your same course, but at a different Level. Generally, we encourage Reps to reply to comments or questions made about their course.


How do I encourage students to use Digital Rep?


There are different ways you can do that. JMSU is using to social media to promote the use of Digital Rep. However, we spoke with some Course Reps, and they said they have promoted Digital Rep through the social media they use with students on their cohort. Other Reps have asked their tutors/module leaders to post about Digital Rep on their Canvas module. Digital Rep is an effective tool, and the more students are engaged with it, the better and more powerful student voice is! If there is extra need, please share this video that shows how to use Digital Rep!


Who is responsible for comment management?


The first people to repl should always be Course Reps. Digital Rep is only effective if Course Reps provide an official answer. This shows that students are engaging with the tool, and students who posts know that there is someone who listens to them! 


I am not sure how to reply to a comment. What do I do?


No worries, you got this, and we got your back! Ensure that you check Digital Rep regularly. Read the comment carefully. The official reply is usually simple and easy. Make sure you state that you have acknowledged the problem/concern/praise, and you will discuss this with the Programme Leader or report it at the next BoS. If the matter is personal, make sure you signpost the student to the most adequate office or Department. If the matter goes beyond course level concerns, you can contact the Course Rep Team. They’ll be able to help you. Your Officers and Faculty Reps will discuss the matter, if appropriate, at relevant Faculty-level meetings. Please, make sure to sign the comment with your name or title (i.e. Course Rep, Level 4). It is important that you close the feedback loop. So, once you have spoken with relevant LJMU and JMSU staff members, go back to the comment and post a follow-up answer.


The post contains personal concerns and I do not know what to reply.


There may be personal concerns. In that case, it is important to signpost students to the right direction.

Student support (mental health, wellbeing, accommodation, finance): Student Advice and Wellbeing

International students visa questions: International Office

Sexual harassment and hate crime reporting: JMSUAdvice

Academic issues and concerns: JMSUAdvice

Remember, signposting is necessary as JMSU and LJMU provide services for all students to help them address personal matters thoroughly!


I see comments on Digital Rep but nobody replies to them?


There are still some courses without representation. The Course Rep team is looking into this. The Course Rep Team checks Digital Rep regularly, however, if you are a Course Rep and somebody has not answered a comment about your course, please flag it up to us. Faculty Reps also help us with Digital Rep. It is important to remember that, when there are Course Reps, it is usually them who should engage with the comment first. 


I still cannot access Digital Rep


Please, watch this video that shows how to access the tool. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, it may be one of the following reasons:

You are not correctly registered as a Rep or you have not been yet uploaded on our website. In this case, please email the Course Rep Team, and they’ll help you sort this out. 

You may have not opted in the LJMU/JMSU data sharing agreement. 

           1) go to 

           2) Click my account

           3) Manage account settings

           4) complete the information requested