Disabled Part-Time Officer

Laura Knowles 
Hi, I’m a second-year Mental Health Student Nurse. I was medically discharged from the Army due to mental health and have taken part in the Invictus Games. I am the President of the Deaf Awareness Society. I also volunteer every year at camp providing personal care and support for women with physical and/or learning disabilities. 

From these experiences, I am passionate about raising disability awareness and improving accessibility and inclusion. My personal experience is in mental health, but I want to be an advocate for all disabled students within LJMU and to ensure our voice is heard.

My aims as Disabled Part-Time Officer are:

• Improve Awareness and Education for Staff, Student Leaders and All Students Around Disability Awareness, Accessibility and Inclusion. 

Awareness is the first step to change. By providing additional training I hope to highlight issues faced by people with disabilities that many people just aren't aware of. From this, I hope to improve confidence in opening communication and promote an inclusive culture across LJMU.

• Implement Self-Care Days into the Curriculum and Increase Mental Health Education.

Mental health is important, especially during these uncertain times. By including Mental Health Awareness Sessions and Self-Care Days within the curriculum, I hope to promote mental well-being, increase resilience and improve awareness of the support services available to students.

• Create a Nightline Service at LJMU. 

Nightline is a peer-support phoneline where you can ring in with anything from academic worries, help in a crisis or just for a chat. 


As Disabled Part-Time Officer I chair the Disabled Student Network for more information about the nework or to join please click here

To contact me please email: disabilityrep@ljmu.ac.uk