International Part-Time Officer

Aleksandra Parulska

As the International Part-Time Officer, I want to bring all the International students who are interested in collaborating and creating something together, for the whole University.


I’ve noticed and personally experienced that settling in as an international student isn’t always easy. I believe a lot more can be done to improve the support available for the students who live thousands of miles away from home. As an International Part-Time Officer, I want to ensure that all the international students feel welcomed, supported and enhanced to participate in our university life. No one should feel isolated, especially in the current situation when being social and engaged at university is difficult.


Two main ideas I would like to introduce are mentoring system and language lessons. Mentoring system for international students would allow fresher to get advice from older students on setting up bank accounts, phone contacts or generally adjusting to British culture. Language lessons, where an international student could teach other students their native language. These changes will not only give students a chance to volunteer but also create an international community and help students socialize.


As International Part-Time Officer I chair the International Student Network, for more information on the network or to join please click here

To contact me please email: