LGBTQA+ Part-Time Officer

Emma Gray

I want to ensure LJMU is a welcoming environment for all students. Within this role, I will work with JMSU and commit to increased inclusion and education, specific mental health support, and importantly, celebrate the LGBTQA+ community.

My aims as LGBTQA+ Part-Time Officer are:

Education and Inclusion

  • Compulsory diversity and inclusion training for all staff and students, following on from the recent implementation of consent training in universities across the UK.

  • Coordinate with other liberation and equality officers to ensure all members of the LGBTQA+ community feel a sense of belonging.

  • Work with Course Reps to advocate for a more diverse and inclusive curriculum.

Mental Health

  • Specific LGBTQA+ mental health support.

  • Regularly work with the LGBTQA+ Student Network to ensure the community is heard and any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

  • Clearer information on how to report hate crimes and access support if you do face these experiences during your time at LJMU.


  • I want to ensure JMSU continues to engage meaningfully with important events such as LGBTQA+ History Month and Pride Month.

  • Showcase your achievements and celebrate the successes of LGBTQA+ students on campus.


As LGBTQA+ Part-Time Officer I chair the LGBTQA+ Student Network, for more information about the network or to join please click here

To contact me please email: