Trans and Non-Binary Part-Time Officer

Martha Bratley

As the Transgender and Non-Binary Part-Time Officer in 2019/20, I have been pushing for the introduction of gender-neutral toilets, with the first stage being able to push through the introduction of Accessible Toilets reducing the risk of imposter syndrome as well as the stigma of the word disabled. On top of this, I had also organized multiple ways to celebrate Trans pride visibly and proudly though these were eventually hampered by the pandemic.

Over the last year, I have forged strong relationships with many different departments and people within JMSU, University and the community and I aim to not only build but also utilise these relationships over the next year.

My aims as Trans and Non-Binary Part-Time Officer are:

  • Continue the push for the introduction of full Gender-Neutral toilets whilst working with the Women's PTO to ensure any concerns are alleviated.

  • Ensure Major dates in the Transgender and Non-Binary calendar are made visible and celebrated

  • Build a knowledge base for students to find the support they need including help with Trans friendly doctors and GIC referrals

  • Work with other universities and external organisations to ensure the rights of Transgender and Non-Binary individuals are upheld

  • Work with JMSU to ensure a safe and welcoming environment at LJMU

Commitment, Compassion, Equality


As Trans and Non-Binary Part-Time Officer I chair the Trans and Non-Binary Student Network, for more information about the network or to join please click here

To contact me please email: