Women's Officer

Ambar Ennis
As your re-elected Women’s Officer I will instigate change on a bigger scale and promote female empowerment in three key ways.

In my previous term, I focused on tackling period poverty and deconstructing menstruation stigmas. In the face of a pandemic, period poverty hasn’t gone anywhere. I want to ensure that students in need of period products are not left without. Our free period products on campus should remain available to our students regardless of their location and I intend to ensure accessibility to them.

I will raise awareness for women’s health issues, making our students aware of the symptoms, methods of treatment and ways to seek medical help. Gynaecological disorders and infertitily issues often go undiagnosed due to lack of research and exposure. I will organise virtual seminars that help educate women on these issues, send out email reminders to check your boobs, and invite guest speakers to share their experiences. These campaigns will work to minimise the fear of openly talking about these issues, and will promote health education.

In a new online world, our professional networking opportunities within our desired career paths shouldn’t be halted. I aim to organise a virtual conference with inspiring women, showcasing how you can shatter glass ceilings and explore new routes you hadn’t considered. As women, we often underestimate our capabilities. I want to transform that doubt into self-belief and confidence before we enter the working world!

I believe I can make a real difference for women at LJMU.

You can read more about Ambar's work as Women's Officer in her recent publication: Lifting the lid on period poverty in higher education: a student engagement perspective which was published January 2021, you can read it here. 

Check out my on-going awareness campaign Gynaecoloday here



As Women's Officer I chair the Women's Student Network, for more information about the network or to join please click here

To contact me please email: womensrep@ljmu.ac.uk