Amazing Teaching Awards

The Amazing Teaching Awards exist to celebrate the staff and students who go above and beyond to help create an amazing LJMU student experience. 

Nominations now open at: 

This year's awards will take place at the World Museum on the 26th of March at 6.45pm. 


Amazing Rep (1 per faculty)

  • Actively gathers student feedback
  • Achieves demonstrable impacts for students
  • Regularly consults with course mates
  • Inputs to relevant meetings
  • Enables the programme team and JMSU to understand the student experience and therefore improve it
  • Provides regular feedback on updates or issues raised to course mates
  • Approachable and accessible

Amazing Teacher

  • Explains things well
  • Makes you feel like a valued member of the class
  • Listens and adapts to student needs and feedback
  • Engaging and interactive teaching
  • Confident and dynamic teaching
  • Motivating and inspiring teaching
  • Exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subject area
  • Shows enthusiasm for their subject area
  • Approachable and accessible

Amazing Personal Tutor

  • Supportive and helpful
  • Listens and cares about your needs
  • Available to help whenever possible
  • Excellent understanding and knowledge of student life
  • Treats you as an individual

Amazing Course Team

  • The staff work together to provide a consistent experience
  • Copes well if things go wrong
  • A genuine passion for the student experience
  • Works with students as participants and active learners
  • Students understand how everything fits together
  • Students are happy with their choice of course
  • Outstanding organisation and management of the course
  • Outstanding teaching and feedback
  • Innovative and engaging course
  • Effective communication

Amazing Feedback

  • Helps with the next assignments
  • Praises good aspects and explains why weak aspects needed more work
  • Feedback is a continuous process, provided on both course work and exams
  • Feedback is provided in flexible formats that is suited to students needs
  • Feedback encourages continuing development
  • Feedback is a two way conversation

Amazing Professional Services Award

  • Recognises the support member/team supporting the learning experience
    • E.g. the non-academic staff – the administrators, librarians, counter staff, technicials and other non-academics that make education amazing.
  • Passionate and dedicated to supporting and improving the student experience
  • Committed to student success

Alumni Award

This award is sponsored by the LJMU Alumni Department and is voted on by third year students alongside current alumni to recognise the staff member that has made a significant contribution to the experience of final year students.

Extra Mile Award

This is for someone who adds to the student experience either in or out of the lecture halls. This award is for someone who goes the extra mile, making yours and other students’ lives special at LJMU, we want to hear about those who have done extraordinary things and have gone above what is expected of them on a day to day basis.

Key Dates

Nominations open: 3rd February

Nomination deadline: 4th March

Shortlist announced: 11th March