Current Campaigns

We run a number of campaigns in conjunction with LJMU and other external organisations in the city. These include:

Leave Liverpool Tidy

Leave Liverpool Tidy is a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ project which aims to reduce the amount of reusable items going to landfill across Merseyside. The project is a collaborative scheme between JMSU, Liverpool Guild of Students, Liverpool City Council and other organisations and charities in Liverpool. As part of this, we ask you not to throw away items when you move out of accommodation, but to donate them to our scheme. 

Student Safety Awareness

Liverpool is one of the safest cities to live in the UK, however unfortunate events do happen on a very rare occasion. We run a number of different safety campaigns throughout the year, to ensure you know exactly what support is available to you and how you can keep yourself safe!

You’re Amazing

Every year JMSU hosts an annual awards celebration to recognise LJMU staff and Student Reps who have made a big impact on the student community through the academic year. This campaign is about really listening to student feedback and finding out what’s working for you, what makes you feel happier and more confident, and the little things people do that make a big difference – and then working with the University to spread that best practice all across LJMU.

Remember these campaigns will only be successful if you get involved! If you’d like to know more about the campaigns we run and how to get involved, please get in contact.