Come to a Union Meeting


Come to a Union Meeting

We'd love for you to attend one of our Union meetings, that take place throughout the year - find out what they are below:


Academic Interest Forums

Academic Interest Forums offer the chance for all students to meet senior members of LJMU staff, raise issues to be resolved and ask questions. In addition, it will be a chance to:

  • network with other students from your faculty
  • debate, discuss and consult on various projects
  • direct and create policy for JMSU to act on
  • understand what JMSU is doing to represent your academic interests

These forums are facilitated and led by our Academic Interest Reps, and can only be attended by students who are part of that Faculty, i.e. only students who study within Engineering and Technology, can attend that forum.


Equality Action Groups

Equality Action Groups are facilitated and led by our Equality Reps, they decide on what our work should be in each area for the year ahead, and what campaigns we should run in each area. These groups can only be attended by students who self define into the specific group of students that it is for, i.e. only students who self define as a woman can attend the Womens’ Equality Action Group.