Talk to your Student Reps

Representing 20,000 students is no easy job. At JMSU we have various levels of representation - alongside our four, full time and paid Student Officers, we have a variety of voluntary Student Rep positions, filled by current LJMU students. These Reps help to lead us and make decisions about the things that affect you. Find out more about who they are, what they’re doing, and how to get in contact with them below.


Academic Interest Reps

Academic Interest Reps work alongside Course Reps within their faculty to identify issues that are affecting the whole faculty and not just individual courses. They then attend various meetings, and work alongside senior members of University staff to resolve issues, and with the evidence gathered by these Reps they help the faculty in their decision making to reflect the needs and wants of their students.

Academic Interest Reps will be chosen early in the first semester of 2018/19. Once they are in place, their details will appear here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in contact.

Course Reps

Most courses will have at least one Course Rep who acts as the first line of student representation within the University. These reps are elected by their course mates, normally within the first few weeks of their first semester.

Once in position, they work with the Students’ Union and the University to help improve the student academic experience, based on your feedback. This feedback can be anything to do with your experience on your course, including your teaching and learning experience, the availability of resources such as the library right through to the pastoral support you receive from your personal tutors. They then take this feedback to the appropriate departments and meetings in the university to help improve the student experience.

If you want to find out who your Course Rep is, please get in contact.

Equality Reps

Our Equality Reps are brand new this year, and have been introduced to lead on our work within Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Through their roles, they will highlight and further the needs of minority communities on campus, run campaigns and awareness events, and make decisions about the things that affect them.

Below is a list of our current Equality Rep categories and their contact emails. Please feel free to get in touch if you have an idea, want to share your experiences or help lead on a campaign. 


Disabled - 

International - 


Trans and Non Binary - 

Womens’ -