Hold Your Student Officers to Account

JMSU and its Officer Team are accountable to the members of the Students’ Union. Our members are you, the students at LJMU. We are responsible to you for our actions and all that we do, and we encourage you to ask questions and get involved in making sure that we deliver for your needs.

Officers are currently held to account through a Review Panel. This panel is made up of a student trustee, a community trustee and a member of staff from LJMU, and their role is to hold all Student Officers to account on their remit, manifesto, and policy as part of our constitution. Students may also submit questions to the panel for the Officers to answer. The panel will work with the Student Officer to discuss the work delivered by them, and offer recommendations for development, direction and improvement. The Panel receive reports written by the Officers in advance of the meeting to frame the conversation and questions. At the end of the meeting these reports are published for all students to see on the website.