Course Rep

Dates for all of our events and workshops will appear here soon, with a link to sign up for them. In the meantime, if you'd like more information about, or you want to sign up for one of our Course Rep Welcome events, please email coursereps@ljmu, with your name and what event you would like to attend.

Here is a list of all of the training opportunities and events we offer throughout the year:

Online training:

Online training help you to fully understand what being a Course Rep is and what skills are needed. Online training will also provide initial understanding of how to promote yourselves and collect feedback, who your Student Officers are and what they do, and what support is available to you. Training is open all year round, but we ask that Course Reps complete it within one month of becoming a Course Rep.

Course Rep Welcome events:

These will be held early in the first term, during October and offer an informal chance for Course Reps to meet the Union and other Course Reps. They will include an introduction and welcome from your Student Officers, outline the support that is available to you from JMSU, and host a series of round table discussions. At the welcome event Course Reps will receive a Course Rep handbook and a Course Rep lanyard. All Course Reps should attend these events, whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, a new Course Rep or a returning Course Rep - during the event we will break out into groups, so you will be with people who have similar experience to you. They will take place four times, once at Redmonds, once at Byrom Street, once at IM Marsh and once at Tithebarn.


Postgraduate Focus Groups:

We understand that the Postgraduate experience can be very different to that of the Undergraduate, and as such, we facilitate specific workshops to support Postgraduate Course Reps in their role. We will communicate with Postgraduate Course Reps around the end of October, to arrange a date and time that best suits them.

Within this focus group, you will:

  • Learn more about the support you can expect from LJMU
  • Learn more about the support you can expect from JMSU
  • Discuss your experiences with other Postgraduate Course Rep
  • Identify ways that JMSU can improve the support we offer to Postgraduate Course Reps


Advanced Skills Workshops:

For Course Reps who want to go that extra mile, we have also developed some additional workshops to help enhance your skills. Everyone is welcome to these training sessions, and they will be useful to you, whether you are a new or returning Course Rep. These workshops will take place across October and November, they may also be repeated throughout the year, if there is demand from Course Reps.

Here are a list of all of the Advanced Workshops that are on offer:

Being effective at Board of Study Meetings
Attendance at and contribution in Board of Study meetings is a really big part of the Course Rep role. At this session Course Reps will be able to develop a greater understanding of the purpose of Boards of Study, how they work and what their role should be within them. In addition it will provide further information and support about areas of work and issues that they will be required to provide feedback on. The session will cover:

  • what to do before the meeting
  • how to collect feedback for the meetings
  • professional conduct at the meetings
  • what to do after the meetings

Using data and evidence to support your arguments

The key role of being a Course Rep is to represent the views of students as accurately as they can. This can be difficult if they have not had any experience of representation before and when there are such diverse groups of students to represent – collecting feedback can also seem daunting and time consuming. This session has been designed specifically to help Course Reps understand what data and evidence already exists and how they can utilise it, as well as learning what tools exist to generate student feedback accurately and usefully in a way that should help get their points across in a way that LJMU will find useful. The session will cover:

  • why evidence based campaigning is important
  • what data already exists and how to use it
  • the importance of module evaluation surveys
  • how to use JMSU’s online feedback tool

Know Your Rights
A large part of the Course Rep role is often signposting students in the right direction for support. This session will help Course Reps to understand what policies exist at LJMU, and when and where they are most frequently used, as well as what services are available to support students with individual problems and issues. The session will cover:

  • understanding what the student complaints process is and how and when to use it
  • understanding what the appeals process is and how and when to use it
  • understanding what extenuating circumstances are and how and when to use them
  • the role of JMSU Advice Service and how and when to access it
  • what other services exist to support students at LJMU and how and when to use them