VP Academic Quality

Tuba Shahzad - Vice President Academic Quality

Hello, I'm Tuba, your Vice President Academic Quality for the 20/21 academic year. I studied Nutrition at LJMU and have been involved in Students' Union activities throughout my time at LJMU, primarily as student staff.

As Vice President Academic Quality, my role is to represent students and ensure that you are getting the quality education you deserve the SU is running effectively and making positive change for students. I am the Chair of our Trustee Board and sit on various committees and meetings at LJMU, including the university's Board of Governors, where I am a Student Governor.

My priorities for the 20/21 academic year are:

My priorities

A timetable that works for you
For commuters, parents, carers, students in work or other commitments, I will work to get a timetable that works for you. I will campaign to get exam dates to be released earlier so students you have enough time to organise revision and other commitments.

Increased use of technology for you
Technology can greatly enhance education. LJMU risks falling behind in areas such as lecture recording, and I believe that the campaign to introduce lecture recording would prove to be beneficial for all students. I will dedicate myself to supporting this campaign and beginning campaigns for further incorporation of technology and education

Champion and Celebrate Diversity
I will campaign for increased funding and more scholarships for international students to come to LJMU and increase the number of social events for international students to create an international network for when they arrive. I will integrate the activities and increase cultural awareness and celebrate racial diversity by holding more events, both culture-specific (cultural-balls/dinners) and multicultural.

To contact me please email: vpacademic@ljmu.ac.uk