LJMU Accommodation 
We work closely with LJMU to ensure you are safe, happy and confident in your halls of residence. As an LJMU student, you are guaranteed city centre accommodation in one of our fifteen partner halls. When you move in, look out for our SU Reps – they will help you with your stuff, tell you about our events and show you where everything is.

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LJMU Accommodation have released an important update on their Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions page available here


JMSU Student Accommodation Update 8th April

At JMSU, our President has been working relentlessly with other SU Presidents across the City at Liverpool Hope and The Guild of Students to secure the best possible outcomes for students living in private accommodations.  The work includes several letters (available here) that have been issued on behalf of thousands of students, and they have already been endorsed by the senior leadership team of each of the Universities in Liverpool.

As an Academic Advice Service we are unable to offer specific advice on Housing.  However, we strive to provide regular updates on statements released by accommodation providers.  Additionally, LJMU University have continued to update their Accommodation page which offers an overview of which providers are releasing or offering partial refunds to students (available here). 

Liverpool Student Homes are available to provide specific housing advice.  You can access their contact information here.

The JMSU Advice team have received a high number of e-mails from students asking if JMSU can reach out to private landlords. Due to the high number of students that are living in housing owned by private landlords, we are unable to reach out to each and every landlord in the City.  However, we strongly encourage you to write to your landlord immediately - if your landlord has not already reached out to - you regarding the Coronavirus situation.  We have a guide that will help you create your own personal letter that you can send to your landlord.

See our Handy Guide for writing to private landlords – Available here 

Thank you to The Liverpool Guild of Students for their work on this guide!

Please note - This is not legal advice.  There is no guarantee that by following these steps your letter will be successful.  It is simply to be used to provide your landlord with an overview of your current situation.  Your landlord will advise whether or not they are able to amend the payment terms of your tenancy agreement. 


Liverpool Student Homes (LSH)

If it’s private accommodation you’re looking for, LSH are there every step of the way. In Liverpool there’s a surplus of private student accommodation which means there’s plenty for you to choose from and you can take your time looking. It’s a myth that all the best accommodation gets snapped up early and you can certainly hold off your property search until later in the academic year, if that’s what you would prefer to do. As your only official University service for private accommodation, LSH advertise the largest selection of private student accommodation in Liverpool, including shared houses of all sizes, flats, private halls, studios and individual rooms in properties.

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LSH have released guidance on Coronavirus and this page can be accessed here


The following Student Accommodation providers have announced important Coronavirus updates:

Unite Students have released a full statement on 24th March and can be accessed here

Liberty Living have released a full statement on 24th March and can be accessed here

Student Roost have released a full statement on 24th March and can be accessed here


Housing Rights Advice

LSH offer free confidential housing rights advice, and your property doesn’t need to be LSH registered to access this service. They can advise on issues including disrepair, deposits, harassment, tenancy agreements and more.

You can contact the LSH Housing Advisor on 07970 247209 or


Community Living 
The term ‘students’ carries with it an array of stereotypes, a major one being that all students are noisy residents - but we know that isn’t true! When you move to Liverpool, you move into a strong and proud community that’s full of diverse individuals, from the elderly to families. 

Be a boss part of your community by:

  • Making sure all noise (parties, films, talking, singing etc.) is turned right down at 11pm. Not only is this just part of being a great neighbour, the Police and Liverpool City Council Noise teams can actually be called upon for noise complaints from this hour onwards – it can even lead to a disciplinary within uni.
  • Get to know your neighbours. That way you can look out for each other, and saying sorry if something happens can go a long, long way.
  • Don't litter. You've been told this from day one, but living in student accommodation means more rubbish that sometimes is hard to keep on top of. Put the right bins out on time, and keep the front of your house/flat tidy too!

Unfortunately, students are targets for burglaries due to the large quantity of tenants occupying a single house. However, you can combat burglary by following these simple anti-burglary tips

With multiple occupancy student houses, it’s so important to ensure your home is fire safe. Follow these tips to ensure you keep you and your housemates safe.