Cheap Vegan Alternatives for Veganuary!

Friday 15-01-2021 - 14:50
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Hi everybody, Megan, VP Community here! 👋

I've collected a quick list of some super cheap vegan alternatives for those of you who are already vegan, those trying it out for the first time, or if you're giving Veganuary a go! 🤩💚🌱🥬

A lot of food is already vegan, such as all veg and fruit, pulses, pasta, rice, quinoa, the list goes on… but if you want to find the perfect alternative for a dish that isn’t inherently vegan, take a look at what’s available right now!

🥛 Milk🥛

There are so many plant-based milk –  soy, oat, pea, almond. I recommend trying each one to find your favourite! Any major supermarket will carry plant-milk, such as co-op or Sainsburys. These are the top three cheapest, however:


Morrison’s Savers unsweetened soya milk alternative £0.65


Morrison’s oat milk £0.85


Alpro soya milk chilled £0.95



🧈 Butter 🧈

Butter is essential if you like toast or baking and you don’t have to give that up if you go vegan! Here are some cheap vegan butter brands:

Flora Plant butter alternative - £1


Vitalite Dairy Free spread £1.40



Pure Dairy Free Buttery Spread £1.50



🍳 Eggs 🍳

Eggs are a trickier one and most brands focus on how the texture of eggs are used for baking, but the selection is growing!

Oggs Vegan Aquafaba Egg Substitute £1.65


Free and easy egg replacer (ASDA) £1.99


The Vegan Box also do a vegan free egg omelette mix



🍯 Honey 🍯

Usually, one that some people forget about, but as it is an animal product, a vegan diet wouldn’t include honey. Good news though – there are alternatives, usually in retailers with the use of agave syrup!

Clark’s organic agave syrup - £2.50



Groovy food agave light and mild - £2.50



🥩 Meat 🥩

Finally, vegan meat substitutes. When I first became vegan it was very eye-opening to find out not all meat-free substitutes are vegan. For example, some of Linda McCartney's range has egg in the ingredients. Right now there are TONS of vegan meat-alternatives, but I will be listing the top three cheapest for any student on a budget!

Birds eye green cuisine succulent meat-free sausages – £1.50

The meatless farm co2 meat-free burgers - £1.50


Tesco’s plant chef 12 meat-free balls



I hope you’ve found this useful, obviously, there is a whole range of vegan alternatives to explore, these were the ones I thought were particularly good for a budget! It’s getting much easier to be vegan now, but if you ever struggle, there are resources to help whether it’s finding a vegan version of your favourite food, figuring out the nutrition quality of your meals or anything else. Be sure to pay a visit to

💛 Stay safe and be kind to yourself in these difficult times.

Your VP Community Engagement, Megan Hill



*Disclaimer: all prices shown are accurate at the time of publishing




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