#DisabilityHistoryMonth: A Message From Your Disabled Students' PTO

Sunday 20-12-2020 - 10:00

Hi everyone, I’m Laura, your Disabled Student’s Officer at LJMU. So, from 18th November until the 20th December is Disability History Month.  

It is a time to reflect back on the progress made for disability rights. We’ve got a fair way to go still, but we will get there. This year’s theme is accessibility. No one should be excluded from something on the basis of a disability, where that’s physical accessibility such as not being able to use a ramp to enter a building if you are in a wheelchair or being able to take part in activities because you use British Sign Language and there is no interpreter available. It just is not acceptable.  

Over the remaining academic year, I am committed to raising disability awareness and improving accessibility throughout the university to ensure students, no matter what the disability is, are able to enjoy and make the most of their university experience.  

I also want to create a space for students who are disabled to be proud of who they are, what makes them unique and what we add to LJMU.  

This song means a lot to me personally, and I know it means a lot to many people for a lot of different reasons. Here I am using Sign Supported English (SSE). It uses the same signs as BSL but uses the same grammar and syntax as English rather than BSL which has their own grammar structure. I hope you enjoy and look forward to meeting you in the new year at our Disabled Student Network.  



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