Your Officers


We're here to help you navigate your university journey, we want you to know that although we're not physically on campus at the moment, we're still here for you! 👋💫

Each of us, as your JMSU Officers, will support and represent you in different areas of student life, work hard to achieve the pledges on our manifestos and lead JMSU, representing all LJMU students to the University, right up to UK Government. 

Your President, Lila Tamea 



My Priorities:

Saving Students Money 
We know students are poor, but the prices around uni don’t always reflect that. I will find ways to save you money as a student at LJMU whether it’s food, travel, or fun! I will lobby the university to improve its financial provision; from scholarships, bursaries and hardship funds to make sure students feel supported throughout their degree.

A Better Postgrad Experience
Working with our Post-Grad Officer, the Doctoral Academy, and post-grads to improve the whole PG experience, creating a better sense of belonging for PGs in the institution!

Ethnic Minority Attainment
If you’re a student from an ethnic minority, you’re statistically less likely to do as well as your white counterparts. This is outrageous! I will make it my priority to improve the BAME experience and tackle the Attainment Gap, making sure the colour of our skin is never predeterminate of your success.


Your VP Academic Quality, Tuba Shahzad


My priorities:

A timetable that works for you
For commuters, parents, carers, students in work or other commitments, I will work to get a timetable that works for you. I will campaign to get exam dates to be released earlier so students you have enough time to organise revision and other commitments.

Increased use of technology for you
Technology can greatly enhance education. LJMU risks falling behind in areas such as lecture recording, and I believe that the campaign to introduce lecture recording would prove to be beneficial for all students. I will dedicate myself to supporting this campaign and beginning campaigns for further incorporation of technology and education

Champion and Celebrate Diversity
I will campaign for increased funding and more scholarships for international students to come to LJMU and increase the number of social events for international students to create an international network for when they arrive. I will integrate the activities and increase cultural awareness and celebrate racial diversity by holding more events, both culture-specific (cultural-balls/dinners) and multicultural.


Your VP Activities, Emily Roxbee Cox


My priorities:

Improve Inclusivity in Teams
By facilitating minorities in sport, encouraging anyone and everyone to get involved with university societies and team. Making a safe and accessible place for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability. 

Improve Collaboration between Sports and Societies

Through multi-Team / Society Events for people to try new things as well as support each other.

Improve Communication and Engagement Between Student Groups and JMSU

Teams and Societies should know that the Students Union (SU) supports them. I want to make it easier to communicate with each other and for the SU to be friendly faces to approach for help. 


Your VP Community Engagement, Megan Hill


My priorities:

Introduce an accessible Student Shop on campus

Which would sell a variety of essential items from academic to accommodation purposes at student-friendly prices

Increase support for students with hidden disabilities

(ADHD, Aspergers, Crohn’s Disease, Anxiety, etc.) By evaluating how these students are identified in the system and what steps are taken starting at Enrolment to beyond Graduation to ensure they aren’t disadvantaged

Ensure there is effective support and advice to students regarding substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, etc.) Work to put in measures to increase student nightlife safeguarding such as spike-prevention tools

Lobby for more funds to be allocated to increase the capacity of mental health services across University

Lowering waiting times and signposting